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Brandon Duckworth

Solutions Engineer - LEAP

LEAP Legal Software

Brandon Duckworth serves as a Solutions Engineer at LEAP Legal Software. Brandon has been a Sales Engineer and Solutions Architect for over a decade in the firewall and web content filtering industries. An established cloud technology expert, Brandon specializes in production deployment of large-scale Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and network security. Brandon lives with his wife and daughter in Charlotte, NC, where he enjoys competitive BBQ cooking and spending time with his Great Dane Zoey and Border Collie Corgi mix Peanut.

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The Sky’s the Limit: Embracing Cloud Technology in Law Firms

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Sy Sommer |  Brandon Duckworth
45 Minutes
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As more businesses move their information technology systems into the cloud, attorneys must decide if cloud computing is right for their law firms. The term “cloud” is common, but it is also often mis...
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